In this post, 2016 diet trends that will shock you… I just want to note that I am not endorsing, promoting or advising you to try any of the diets below. I will not be responsible nor will I be accountable for your actions. With that being said… Lets get on with it.

This is the age of sedentary… meaning everyone (even kids) have they’re face glued to a screen for pretty much all hours of the day. America has the highest obesity rate. Kids have type 2 diabetes (20 years ago it was only common in adults) and there’s a whole flock of chronic diseases due to us “messing with our foods”…

If your looking for a “magic pill” to lose weight whilst you sit on your ass, stuff glazed doughnuts down your throat and the only thing your lifting is a remote… Then you the perfect target for greedy marketers who create diet fads to get rich off of those looking for a quick fix… You’ve been warned!

2016 Diet Trends That Will Shock You

1: Bulletproof Coffee – This is something that’s trending a lot in the “low-carb” diet industry. This includes Paleo, Keto and Atkins diet as well. It’s basically a mixture of black coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter and some people like to add MTC oil/coconut oil in as well. The idea was conceived by Dave Aspre who apparently lost 100 lbs on a low-carb, high fat diet. The whole idea is to provide healthy fats in the morning, mental clarity and focus, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from the grass-fed Butter. It also suppresses hunger and may increase the fat burning process. I have yet to try this myself only because I just don’t like coffee. But it seems a lot of low-carbers’ are falling in love with the idea as well as seeing great results.

2: Lip Gloss Diet – I’m sorry, but this is got to be one of the dumbest [email protected]#t Ive’ ever heard in my life. The idea is to apply some kind of flavored lip gloss (Fuze Slenderize Guilt free lip gloss) to suppress hunger. some of the ingredients in these products include Hoodia which is a natural appetite suppressant, chromium, Super Citrimax and L-carnitine. It seems like marketers are “desperately-creative” when targeting overweight individuals who are to lazy to workout and eat healthy… But I have to admit, slapping on a coat of lip gloss to lose weight is a clever way to cash in on the “magic diet pill” Fad…

3: Man-Juice Diet – This is just utterly disgusting!… Another term for the diet is the liquid protein diet. The idea came from some porn chick (Kim Kelly) who heard about the health benefits of sperm and was desperately trying to lose weight. There was even a TV show in the works but the funding “pulled out” before the show began. She continued on and apparently lost nearly 5 lbs in a week. With around 40 serving at 300 calories, it’s a good thing the show didn’t get aired, we would have had women passing out all over the place… Just asked Lil-Kim…lol

4: Ducktape Waist Training – Now I know duck tape can fix a lot of things but a Fat Gut?… Seriously? Now I know women who do this and they claim that once they remove the duck tape, they’re stomach can remain flat for hours… If waist training is something you might be interested in, here is a video if you have the Guts to try it…lol

5: Clay Diet-Detox – Montmorillonite or the popular term, Bentonite clay is a volcanic ash. It’s a drinkable clay that contains aluminum, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  Bentonite expands in the stomach makeing you feel full. Bentonite clay “supposedly” absorbs any toxins as it passes through your colon and exits… Here is a video that explains the benefits of Bentonite clay… Enoy!

7: Baby food diet – The idea behind this diet is to eat small jars of baby food in place of junk food or snacks that contain higher amounts of calories. Basically your trying to cut calories and your trying not to overdo it with the snacks…lol The amount of calories in baby food can range from as high as 100 calories to as low as 20 calories per jar. It would seem like a logical approach right? What can be better for you than baby food? Wrong!!… From my experience from tasting my daughters baby food when she was a baby, it was horrible, bland and outright disgusting… You also have to keep in mind the nutritional imbalances as well.

6: Cookie Diet – With this diet, your eating specialty made cookies during the day in place of traditional meals and eat a regular dinner at night. apparently you can lose up to 15 pounds a month since your only eating have the calories you normally eat. There is supposedly a secret formula inside the cookie the curbs your appetite if you can stomach the taste of them…lol… Again this is one of those calorie-cutter type of diets that I would not ever try myself. But if you can manage to scarf down nine or more of these cookies a day, you can check it out here.

8: Vinegar Diet – Apple cider vinegar speeds the process in which your body breaks down the nutrients from protein and fats, which can speed up your metabolism. Apple cider vinegar also contains a fiber pectin which can make you feel full after eating your meals. Some people recommend two teaspoons before or after you eat. Others suggest diluting the vinegar as it can erode the tooth enamel if it’s highly concentrated…

9: Tapeworm Diet – This one is kind of disturbing to me… The idea of Ingesting a parasite into your body, allowing it to attach to your stomach just so you can eat what you want and still lose weight…smh… The idea is that whatever you eat, you split the calories with the worm…lol… The problem is despite the fact the it can devour you vitamins, you can’t control where this thing travels in your body! This worm can make it’s way to your brain and cause deadly effects. Thank goodness it’s illegal in america…lol…

If you have some weird 2016 diet trends to add to the list, feel free to post them in the comment section below…


2016 Diet Trends

2016 Diet Trends That Will Shock You |
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