How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast With These Exercises

how to get rid of double chin fast

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast

How to get rid of double chin fast and easy!

The emergence of a double chin is due to the accumulation of fat in the lower jaw or chin area. It usually occurs in people who are overweight, because this area is prone to storing excess fat under the chin. Another cause can be the intake of excess calories or energy stored in fat. It can make a person exposed to excess triglycerides that disrupt the body’s health.

Double Chin Causes

Genetic factors may also be the reason someone has a double chin. In some people, this is because the signs of aging, in which the neck look sagging or decrease, even you look older than her actual age. These conditions interfere with performance and you become less confident, or even show unhealthy lifestyle, and children or adolescents could have double chins. If you want to look younger, attractive and healthy, then exercise a double chin is a wise choice.

This exercise routines really help you to get rid of fat under the jaw bone, the neck and throat. Where the double chin workouts are such exercises that are easy and inexpensive with no side effects, rather than having to perform cosmetic surgery. Usually people think this is the first time, when it began to find the signs of aging, in which the chin looks begin to sag and facial wrinkles. But actually carry risks in the future, so that should be carefully considered before, but it requires a lot of money fast or instant results though.

The muscles that you will practice and concentration is the platysma muscle, the muscle that is responsible for moving the jaw up and down. Double chin exercises can be done by anyone, do not look at gender and age.

How to Do Double Chin Exercises – Safe and Cheap

You need to know that this exercise requires patience, a good system and regular. The following will explain six steps of exercises that you need to practice, which is an easy exercise and rest assured your double chin will be a thing of the past.

Step 1: Position the bed at night

When sleeping at night, lie down on his side and relaxed, placing the head on the pillow, the pillow is not very high position. So you feel a stretching of your neck.

Step2: Open mouth

You stand in a relaxed, open your mouth wide, and then pull the lower jaw out, lifted her chin up, you can. You do this while the lower jaw move up and down, count to 10 count. So that was tightening the chin, neck and throat muscles, then go back to the normal position. Repeat this process as many times as you can.

Step3: Pats mandible

There are movements such as slapping chin. You stand in a place, in a position as possible, hitting or slapping the lower jaw with the back of your hand, not hard but not too soft, faster and faster. So feel there is an emphasis on the bottom jaw. Do it two or three times for a few minutes.

Step 4: Sticking the tongue

In that position back, relax, open your mouth wide open as he stuck his tongue out as far as you can. You feel the stretch in the chin, neck and throat muscles. Do this movement to 10 count. Repeat as many times as you can.

Step 5: Tilting head

You sit in a straight, arms straight, in a relaxed position, make yourself as comfortable as possible. Slowly lift your head from the chest as you can, and tilt the head back as far as you can. So that will feel the stretch, especially in the neck. Do this movement until 10 counts and repeat as much as you can.

Step 6: Chewing

You make a move to open and close the mouth, as though you were chewing the food is great or you like to spend an apple is eaten. Count to 10 counts, and you are back to the normal position or relax again. You can also chew gum, will help flex the muscles around the mouth. Chewing gum will make you relax in chewing, chewing after exercise above.

Above the chin exercises will strengthen the muscles of the mouth, chin, neck and throat, making it look more toned and posture is desired. Face looks younger and healthier. One thing to remember is your body in an upright position. When standing or sitting keep in an upright position, thus helping the workings of muscles. Avoid standing or sitting bent. This causes your spine to bend over time. Thus inhibiting blood circulation and metabolism, other than that you will be prone to have muscle under the chin less good.

Just stand and sit up straight and tall, do not slouch and let your head fall forward, can help keep your muscles working and keep the results of chin exercises. If you let your head fall forward, you’re more likely to have poorly toned muscles under the chin. So use good posture.

Another thing that contributed to the double chin exercises is when you start to lose weight or diet balanced. Regular exercise will help to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, and disposing of excess energy that would interfere with the body’s health. aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking for 30 minutes every day will help burn fat in the body, of course it must be remembered to drink plenty of water.

Eat a light meal 6 times to avoid heavy meals 3 times a day. In addition it is recommended to drink plenty of water, because the healthy body, where water is the element that is needed to smooth the body’s metabolism. When early in the morning you just wake up, drink 3 glasses of water, because it will eliminate the toxins in the body. If you routinely perform this chin exercise, within one or two months, you will see the difference.

Best Exercises For Losing Double Chins

The face is a lot of muscle attachment. If there is excess fat or extra fat layer that will appear around the face. If there is stretching the muscles in this area then the face will look relaxed and looked older, and really unhealthy. Thus you need facial exercises for a double chin.

As we mentioned above the occurrence of this condition, it means that the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layer of fat or skin. This fatty buildup usually occurs in the neck or lower jaw. Aging will occur and affect around the jaw and throat. Where this section is one of the main important part of the face.

There are some facial exercises for you to lose double chins, which helps you tighten and smooth the face. Besides, it would eliminate parts of the fat around the face and chin. This condition will nourish and enhance your appearance.

Many benefits can be gained by taking regular exercise associated with the face. Facial muscles will tighten, accompanied by the smooth circulation of blood and lymph around the face. Besides the supply of oxygen to be smooth and pretty, flowing around the face. By sweating the toxins and fluid wastes from the surrounding tissue will come out through the sweat. It would be very healthy body.

Facial exercises for a double chin safer choice than you do liposuction. What if you do not like the results. Fees will not be returned so the skin texture and face shape will not be back. But if you do naturally, will make the postures and facial skin texture accordingly. When you do this exercise, it is not possible all parts of your body involved tightening, such as the chest, abdomen and neck.

How to Get rid of Double Chins With Face Exercises

We know that the face is one part of the body that must be maintained health and appearance. Not a few people who want to lose fat in the face, so that it can appear more confident. Besides showing a healthy lifestyle.

Most people do not know that there are many muscles of the face, there are 56 muscles, so it needs to perform facial exercises to help accommodate the muscles of facial expression to extraordinary. Double chins listed here is to be considered as an inequality jaw muscles in your face, so it is necessary to get rid exercises.

But the exercises under the jaw is not going to help, if you do not maintain food intake, so it needs to keep the intake of foods such as drinking lots of water, fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits. The following will explain the important points about facial exercises for a double chin:

Facial Gymnastics

Facial Gymnastics is the easiest way to get rid of a double chin. You can do at the gym or do it yourself at home. Because the facial exercises will be blood circulation, thus helping to strengthen the muscles around it.

Position your body in a comfortable standing

Try your posture relaxed and straight, not bent, so it will support the smooth circulation of oxygen and blood. Place your hands on your neck, then gently pull your neck up, look at the ceiling, until the count of 10. Do this exercise up to 10 times a day to get rid of your chin.

Facial Massage

You do facial massage with cream, especially at night before bed. Massage gently around the face in a circular motion, starting from the cheeks, eyes and forehead. After that massage the area of the chin to the top, gently helping you to relax for a moment. For the neck, also do massage upward, as it will preserve the integrity of the neck and tighten the skin. Do all the facial exercises regularly, but be careful not to commit violent movement, because it can make you sick and even injury.

Neck Exercises Focused on Supporting the Success Rid of A Double Chin

The neck is the part that sustains facial. Many people feel their neck muscles must be maintained and cared for to make a person better in appearance. For those who pay attention to body care, it will also take care of the face and neck.

With proper care, will not only get rid of a double chin but also the neck muscles will be more smooth, toned and refreshed look. Neck exercises will you follow with ease. Practice regularly for several weeks, although initially you are not sure, but at that keratur and continuously, you will see the difference.

Neck treatment for double chins


you are lying as possible, then slowly lift your head, and then lower your head to lie back. Repeat this exercise 15 times with a good process. Do it as much and as best you can.


you sit up straight, with shoulders flat. Then pull the chin to the right like look. Slowly turn to the left as far as you can. Repeat up to 15 times a day.


You sit down, then pull the neck forward and backward, as possible as you can. Repeat up to 15 times a day. Then turning his head slowly along the road, touching shoulders. You will feel dizzy at first. Go slow rhythmic.

Do neck exercises slowly. It should not be too fast, which can cause your muscles sore or strained. Movement of the neck muscles will help in the process of eliminating the double chin.

Keep your head up straight and not slouch, will help maintain the desired chin and neck joint to normal. Repetition of the above exercises to mobilize all joints neck back to normal.

Maintaining posture including the neck will help tighten the neck and surrounding areas including chin. The problem arises when aggravate neck and upper chest, causing pain and discomfort. If this happens then need treatment or physiotherapy to restore these changes.

In addition it is recommended that you do enough exercise and eating healthy foods. It is recommended to use the cream around the face and neck before bed. Massage and massage the face and neck with cream. Navigate massage the neck up, touch your chin, because the direction of this movement will tighten your neck muscles.

Neck treatment with facial treatments, both need attention. For the neck thin and dry use moisturizing cream. Besides the cream, milk can also wear a mask to exfoliate dead skin and polished. Spend some time doing this neck massage twice a week for 30 minutes to support the neck exercises for your double chins.