At the moment there are several body building enhancements available. Unfortunately, the vast majority have been found to be complete and utter junk. They include over-hyped advertisements; enjoy huge endorsements from pro body builders who don’t even use them plus they retail at ridiculously high prices. Below is an overview of some of the top three muscle gain supplements such as ostarine which you should consider trying out in case you would like to avoid wasting your hard earned money on horrible muscle gain supplements.

a. Protein powder
It seems more like a powdered food product more than a supplement. It is by far one of the best ways to introduce more protein into your muscle building diet. In fact, most high profiling body builders are using this supplement in the routine muscle gain regime. This one you can buy here.

b. Creatine
It is an organic type acid designed to help the muscle cells produce more ATP (cellular energy). As a result your body muscles will be able to train for slightly longer consequently lifting more weight than you would have without having used creatine.

At the moment, there are several creatine related products all of which claim to be the best. The best one however is the simple “monohydrate” form. This is because it has been subjected to numerous tests both in research laboratories as well as in weight rooms.

c. The Branched chain amino acids
Amino acids are building segments of proteins. Although you might be already getting a fair amount of amino acids off your daily protein packed diet truth is, there are still a few which would be more effective coming from supplements such as the branched chained amino acids.In fact, this muscle gain supplement has so far proven to be very effective over the past few years helping body builders not only increase their muscle mass but also have an easy time conserving it when they are dieting down (not eating a much as they should). What’s more, they also act as a trigger for certain anabolic processes within the body. d. Whey protein
It is another highly effective supplement commonly used by weight lifters and body builders to help increase muscle mass. It contains all eight amino acids required by the body to promote muscle growth as well as preventing muscle break down. Also since it comes in powdered form, it can easily be used in a shake or alongside your favorite fruit to serve as an energy booster.
The above mentioned muscle gain supplements are worth getting since they have already proven to be very effective in helping build muscle mass.

In addition to using any of the above mentioned muscle gain supplements, it is important to have a good night rest since it is at night when muscle growth takes place. You should also have a regular workout routine, eat 5 – 8 small but health meals on a daily basis and finally take time to learn more about health and nutrition. All this collectively serves as a guarantee to significantly grow more muscle as well as have an easy time maintaining your new muscle figure.

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