The V-taper is the defining characteristic of a great physique. A good shoulder workout routine is essential in giving a better shoulder look. The deltoid is a large three headed muscle group, which consists of the posterior deltoid, anterior deltoid, and medial deltoid. The main function of the deltoid joint is to facilitate lifting and rotation of the arm, in order to develop a massive deltoid joint all the three muscles must be fully developed as well as the trapezius muscle, which extends down the neck between the shoulder blades. Shoulder training involves raises and presses exercises, which are designed for an overall development of the deltoid and trapezius muscles, one of the exercise routine that stands out, is seated dumbbell press.

The main goal of this exercise is to increase the mass and enhance the development of the shoulder muscles; mass building is the first and important aspect in building shoulder muscles.

Dumbbell press

Dumbbell press is one of the best shoulder training exercises because it offers a wide range of motion for development of each shoulder and maximizes the effort put forth by the shoulders individually. The exercise should be carried out on a workout bench with a strong back support, this is imperative because lack of back support can cause damage to the spine or pains at the lower back. It is essential that you ensure that the back is fully supported throughout the exercise; begin the exercise with one dumbbell in each hand slightly above the shoulder level. The palms should be facing forward while the elbows on the side. Press the dumbbell over the head until the dumbbells almost touch, lower the dumbbells to the original position, and go repeat the same routine. Fitness experts recommend that you should warm up with a set of fifteen to twenty repetitions, you can begin with 3 sets of ten repetitions before advancing to sets of four with twelve, ten, or eight repetition.

Dumbbell Shrugs

This is an alternative routine, which is aimed at building the trapezius muscles, and adding muscle mass to the shoulder. Here you are required to stand in an upright position with the knees slightly bent and the shoulders width apart, pick the heaviest dumbbell you can raise and try to raise your shoulders up or shrug with the weights on each hand. Hold the weights at the chest position for ten seconds before moving back to original position; it is important to avoid rolling the shoulders in a circular motion so as to avoid joint injuries. Exercise alone cannot give the best results it is essential that you combine an exercise routine with a healthy diet for muscle mass development.

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